Alec Pace-Anticipation EP

SMALLER Alec Pace - Anticipation - JEROME - Art by Ryan Huff (DJ SagePay) & Marnie Hamilton (Marni Tempo).jpg

We are beyond excited to release the brand new ep from Alec Pace, our 22 release.

September 27, 2018
Alec Pace-Anticipation EP

artwork by Ryan Huff(DJ SagePay) and Marnie Hamilton
Mastered by SIM

Alec Pace is a producer, dj and sound designer based in Turin, Italy.

‘Anticipation EP’ is his new release available via JEROME from the 27th September 2018.

Alec’s sound has moved away from the urban house & electronic style of his early productions and approaches new atmospheres of leftfield club, techno and deconstructed dance music. In the EP you will find where sound design elements derived from field sampling and synthesis manipulation have been over-layered on melodic and harmonic patterns on which the main structure of the tracks is built on.

The EP features three tracks collocated in a structure which resembles the layout of a classical sonata, formed by a main theme ‘Anticipation’, a slow movement ‘Variance’ and a closing faster movement which often brings back elements of the main theme ‘Angular Invariance’.

1. Anticipation
2. Variance
3. Angular Invariance

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